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Scroll down for practical tips designed to help you keep your air ducts clean and in good condition at all times.  Follow our advice and enjoy a healthier indoor environment and better energy efficiency when you switch on your HVAC system!

Check the filters if you start smelling something foul

If you start smelling something strange, and somewhat damp inside your home or office, you could be smelling mold. If this is the case, you need to have your air ducts checked as soon as possible. You can give your filters a sniff, to make sure the problem isn't with them. Call our experts if you're not sure of what to do.

Consider air duct coating as a measure for improving indoor air quality

Air duct coating is formulated to prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt and micro-organisms on the surface of the air ducts. It allows your ducts to stay free from contaminants for longer after cleaning. Any such dust or debris that does get naturally circulated by the HVAC system will eventually stick to various surfaces in the room, and you will be able to clean them yourself.

Clean the grease filter of the kitchen exhaust hood regularly

Remove the filter carefully and wash it in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. Once it is fully dry, adjust it into place securely.

Professional cleaning can save you money

When you use professionals to clean your home, it's actually possible to save money in the long run. Your furnishings and other belongings will likely last longer meaning you'll need to replace them less frequently. With less dirt and dust inside your home, you and your family will stay healthier, saving you money on unexpected medical bills and prescriptions as a result of allergy. Finally, having your air duct professionally cleaned will help your heating and cooling system runs more efficiently, saving you money on unnecessarily high energy bills.

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