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Could there be Mold Hiding in Your HVAC System?

Could there be Mold Hiding in Your HVAC System?
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In many homes, there is mold lurking inside the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Even though it sometimes remains hidden deep inside the ductwork, you can sense a strange odor in the air. This type of fungus is also a powerful allergen and can cause respiratory problems especially for the very young and elderly. Most people think that occasional air filter cleaning or replacement is sufficient to deal with the problem, but it's not enough.

Mold Needs Warmth

The Main Causes of HVAC Mold GrowthIt is important to understand what causes mold to grow inside the HVAC system so that you can take adequate measures for countering it. There are two factors that have to be present in order for mold to grow, warmth and moisture: Since the HVAC system is located indoors and transfers warm air, it is natural for its surface to be warm.

Mold Needs Moisture

There could be several sources of moisture. The most common source is usually improperly cleaned system components. For example, when the drain and condensate pans get clogged and water is not fully released from them, mold can start to appear. The clogging can be removed as part of HVAC unit cleaning, but mold will still require special treatment to go away completely. If there are air leaks in the ductwork, this can also let water in. This can happen when rainwater gets inside the house through the roof. Even if the roof is in good condition, water can spill out from blocked gutters into the structure and then creep down. Finally, it's possible for water to be formed by condensation if the ductwork is not properly insulated. Condensation occurs when cold air gets into contact with a warm surface or vice versa.

How do I Counter Mold?

In all of the above cases, the primary thing for countering mold growth is to deal with the leaks. For this, air duct seal repair will likely be required. When there are too many holes or the mold has already damaged the surfaces of the ducts, it is best for these components to be replaced.

Mold can grow and spread extremely quickly if there is an abundant source of food available constantly. It can be present in considerable quantities inside your system, especially when regular maintenance does not involve filter and air duct cleaning.
The good news is that the problem can be resolved effectively and swiftly by our experts at Air Duct Cleaning CityName. We can inspect your system, locate the cause and destroy it completely.

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