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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

One of the most interesting things you can do when visiting cities in California like San Rafael, is to follow the natural trails and walk among the alluring landscape – you may notice the quality of air is very different to that which you're used to in larger metropolises.

Why Test Indoor Air Quality?

The reality is that intense industrial concentration and expansion help to create the conditions for pollution and contaminants in the air. Unfortunately, harmful particles can also enter into homes and offices, making the need for regular air quality testing all the more important.

Why You Need a Professional

Even if you are good with your air filter cleaning and do it often, you may not see any major improvements to the efficiency of your unit and your indoor air may still seem smelly and stuffy. An HVAC system is comprised of components and damage to or filthiness of any part can have a bad impact on the operation of the unit. Furthermore, your ducts can be hard to access and it will be difficult to identify where the dirt is accumulating. This is why you should call our professionals - we're trained in what to look for and will be able to address the problem in a way an untrained person will not be able to.

Our Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services will include a thorough inspection of your ducts because dirt can be hiding in deep and improbable parts. We are very careful in our work and have some of the most experienced when it comes to the business of indoor air quality.

Maintaining your HVAC system & Ducts

Air Duct Cleaning is not enough on its own when it comes to ensuring high indoor air quality, some tasks will involve servicing the HVAC unit and ducts which can gather mold and start to corrode. Our specialists can check for any damage and check for holes that will prevent the circulation of fresh air.  If we find anything, we can seal them and ensure the unit and ducts work efficiently once more. Following this work, you should even find that your system becomes more efficient and you save money on energy consumption.

We're Here to Help

Whether you're reaching out to us from an office, store, bank or house, our team at Air Duct Cleaning San Rafael can look after all your indoor air quality and duct cleaning needs. Call us today.

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