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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality
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Indoor Air QualityOne of the most interesting things you can do when visiting small cities in California, like San Rafael, is to follow the natural trails and walk among the alluring landscapes allowing your lungs to inhale great portions of oxygen. When you rush out to take care of the daily errands in the streets of polluted cities, you hardly realize the tens of different threats to your health and a walk to the green zones and the woods can be very refreshing. People from around the globe have joined hands into a common goal to keep nature alive and the planet healthy. Local authorities and individuals make enormous efforts to sustain the good air quality in small communities intact but, unfortunately the intense industrial concentration and expansion and the high concentration of contaminants in the outdoor air have moved into people’s homes and working places as well. For those, who are still reluctant to believe that the indoor atmosphere of their properties is contaminated, the procedures of air quality testing can prove the level of pollutants and the imminent need for their cleaning.

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Some people are very consistent with service dates given by the HVAC system manufacturers and do air filter cleaning very often, but still don’t see any major improvements to the efficiency of their unit while the indoor air is still smelly and stuffy or causes them allergies. This happens because the system is comprised by many components and the damage or filthiness of any part will have a bad impact on the operation of the unit. When we do condenser unit cleaning and the problems still remain the same, we have to search for their origins elsewhere and the usual suspect is the air ducts that are responsible for the transferring of air.

Indoor Air Quality San Rafael contributes to the protection of the environment and saving of the planet in its own way but, primarily, it contributes to the cleanliness of your indoor environment and the improvement of your health. It requires excellent organization, schedule and good equipment. The cleaning must be precise and the inspection of the air ducts very thorough because dirt can be hiding in deep and improbable parts. For these reasons we are very careful when we select our technicians and cleaners and we always ensure they are very experienced and qualified in the indoor air quality businesses.

The air duct cleaning procedures will help you improve your living conditions, but some tasks involved in the HVAC maintenance service will also help the protection of the outdoor environment and the decrease of your personal expenses as well. The gathered mold, chemicals and bacteria are not only a threat against your health, but they can also corrode the material of the air ducts, open little holes on their surface and block the circulation of fresh air. At the same time, the air duct parts may loosen up creating big gaps, which will not only allow air leakage, but also dirt and insects in. We will have to seal these cracks and connect the air ducts well with each other, so that the HVAC unit will work properly, energy consumption will be moderated and the environment of your office, store, bank or house will be completely healthy thanks to the methodical work of Indoor Air Quality San Rafael.

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