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Cleaning the Home Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Cleaning the Home Kitchen Exhaust Hood
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If you thought only restaurant kitchen exhaust hoods needed cleaning, think again. You may not have known it, but the one in your house can accumulate quite a lot of oil build-up over time. Read on to find out what is needed to keep it safe and in optimal working condition!

Caring for Kitchen Hood Filters

Clean the Oil Filter

The oil filter is at the base of the hood right above the cooktop. It is easy to remove without tools. The typical cleaning routine starts with soaking it in a degreaser until all the oil accumulated inside is removed. The next step involves washing the filter in soapy water. After rinsing, air drying is best. The cleaned filter must be properly installed back into place to work optimally.

Clean the Air filter

If you have a range hood which circulates air rather than releasing it outside, it may come with a charcoal air filter which serves as a grease filter too. The charcoal models are disposable and should not be washed. Air filter replacement is the way to go. Do it as often are recommended by the manufacturer. Generally, it pays off to keep an eye on the filter and change it when it has become visibly dirty.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning is Essential

In a classic exhaust system, there is a duct which takes the absorbed steam outside. The steam contains oil vapor in addition to water vapor. The vapor is quick to leave the duct. However, some of it comes into contact with the cooler duct wall and becomes liquid. While liquid water evaporates quite quickly, this isn’t the case with oil. It tends to stick to the duct walls. Over time, an ever thicker layer builds up. This, in turn, poses a serious risk of fire. Given this regular, exhaust system cleaning is crucial.

Inspect for Damage

Before the cleaning begins, the duct has to be closely inspected for damage. If it is not in good condition, air duct repair or replacement will be required. It is worth pointing out that some ducts are more effective, safer and more durable than others. For example, the semi-rigid metal ones are generally longer lasting than their aluminum foil counterparts.

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